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More and more in today's world business coaching is becoming an necessary service. Like having an accountant, or legal representation, a coach helps you meet goals, holds you accountable and provides practical solutions for everyday challenges. Only with a personal, 1-to-1 approach will you see real results.


Accountability, goals, default diaries, all contribute to revolutionise your success.

Having been in business for many years, I’m unlike the majority of “coaches” out there.

I always had the approach when seeking mentors and business coaches, that if they had never fought in the arena and had their own asses kicked, then how would they truly know and understand.

Hence I’ve decided to qualify in various coaching accreditatations, to be able to help other business owners, and anyone wanting to start up a business, to avoid the same pitfalls I went through.


Having now undertaken 3 courses in Motivational Interviewing Technique (which is basically working with you in a collaborative manner), coupled with a Masters in Psychology and Behaviourial Change, I have one goal.

To help you achieve your successes.

But without “telling” you what to do, but where I can talk from a perspective of having owned several businesses and have ‘been there and done’ it for want of a better expression.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • 1-to-1 coaching
  • Workshops

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

"Harvard Business School reports that 86% of companies said they used coaching to sharpen the skills of individuals whom have been identified as future organizational leaders."

Through a collaborative approach, we build on your capabilities to meet short and long-term goals, to achieve maximum personal and organsiational impact.

Reasons to get a coach…

  1.  You’ll get to work less and relax more … working with me will be like having a marketing manager, sales director, training coordinator, partner, confidant, mentor and friend all focusing on the success of your business…
  2. You will be held accountable and we’ll keep you focused on your goals and objectives. No excuses. You will finally get that list of “to dos” done.
  3. You’ll learn the easiest and fastest ways to get your business making more cash and how to turn that cash into bottom-line profits.
  4. You’ll learn the most effective team recruitment system ever designed – guaranteed to give you passionate and dedicated team members. You will then have the best people building your business’ future.
  5. You’ll get a new perspective on your business and use data to make decisions that will change your future trajectory. Learn the “rich” mindset, why it is the most powerful strategy we teach, and how to get it working for your business.
  6. You’ll learn before you earn. We will instill a passion for learning throughout your entire organization that will raise the level of engagement with everyone in your company. Learning will lead to the mastery of new skills which will increase the organization’s performance.
  7. You’ll get to harness the power of our sales and marketing systems to take your business to the next level.


Working together to achieve success

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