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Head straight to the client brief form to tell us about your website,  so that we can propose some ideas and more details.

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While it is easy to make the simple complicated, it takes skill to make the complex appear simple.

We’ve put together this handy worksheet to help you capture your vision for the project, taking all criteria into consideration. Gather your thoughts for each section, skipping those that don’t pertain to your project. Think of this document as a plan for your website. The more information you can give us, the better we’ll be able to respond.

If you’re working with others as part of a team, because each member of your team may have a different vision for the project, we recommend completing this worksheet as a group.

That way we won’t miss any important opinions. If you prefer to simply use a word doc, you can download this also here.


Taking care of the overall project and ensuring everything that is required is managed.


Requirements gathering

Collecting and documenting the requirements for the project.


Technical guidance

Reviewing and defining the technical aspects of the project.



Defining the design requirements, creating the flow, user interface, user experience, and visual design for the project.

Also understand if you have a brand identity already, such as logos, colour schemes, fonts and so forth. 


Converting the requirements and design into a functional system.


Reviewing what was developed meets the requirements.



Teaching people how to manage and maintain the system.


Domain name assistance

Assistance finding and purchasing a domain name


Copywriting/Image acquisition

Creation of copy and sourcing of appropriate images



Specific assistance regarding SEM and SEO optimisation and performance tracking


Site Optimisation

Tweaking and testing the website to maximise specific goals for the client


Your website, if you don’t have a server, can be added to our dedicated server. What this means to you is a high-speed and secure website, that is continually updated.

This also means if you need a backup as something’s gone wrong, this can be done in literally a few minutes.

We also ensure:

• Guaranteed uptime of 99.5% (the 0.5% is when updates are made during the night)
• SSL Certificates included

Client Brief Form

We’re excited to get going with your new website. To help us, we’d ask you to complete the form below to help us understand more about the style of website & design you’re after to be able to propose some ideas to you.

If you prefer, download it as a Word doc and email it back.

About You

Give us your main reasons for commissioning a new website, including what are the objectives for your site 
(e.g. helping people discover more about what it is you do; learning more about your products or services; getting more people making enquries)

About Your Website

If you have a current website, what aspects work well? Why are they successful? What’s not so great and why do you think that is?
What other features are desired and considered nice to have. How do these features support your goals and the goals of your user? What else would you like the site to do?
What is your measure for success - and what are you hoping to achieve?
Who are the key decision makers from the client involved in this project? Is there anyone else other responsible for making decisions on this project?
When does the project need to be live?
Is there a specific reason for this? E.g. your attending a trade show and want to promote the website?
Are you able to adjust the launch date?
Your budget dictates how much time we can devote to your website. What are you looking to spend to achieve your vision?

Design Concept

People are coming to your new site for the first time. How do you want them to feel about your company?
Tell us a bit about your competition, or others operating in the same space as you. Who are the runners and riders in your field? What are their website addresses? In your view what works for them and what doesn't? What do you like and what don’t you like?
Have you seen any sites recently that you've liked the visual design of? What did you like about it? (if you can't think of any have a look through or for a catalogue of good looking websites, modules and layouts)
Blog or newsfeed (remember this needs to be kept up to date, and we can also add this in later); Newsletter registration; Website Analytics; eCommerce (do you want anyone to be able to buy anything on your website); social media integration; sharing images or posts with friends
Check out this website to give more indiciation about colours... and this website Colours can make a website "pop" or also make something look really boring! Best thing is to also look at what others do.

Management & Maintenance

Management is updating and changing content, products, images, dealing with emails, etc?
Maintenance is checking, tweaking, optimising, and fixing the web site from a holistic and technical approach?
We’ve tried to keep this worksheet as general as possible, but every project is unique. Feel free to add any extra information you think will be helpful here.