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Hi! I’m Jonathan, founder of GoBookit and who leads the team. I’ve Been Building Websites for Many Years.

It all started when I spent far too much money on a website designer and developer who built a website for my business, that took over a year to finish, and that I was still unable to update or change myself. I’ll happily tell you about that experience on a call! Plus, whenever I needed changes made, it took weeks and was expensive and so I thought there had to be a better way.

I decided to learn how to make websites for myself. I built my own websites and over time and many years have perfected and improved my skills. That was some 15 years ago.

Years later, and even more experience, my team and I enjoy creating awesome, great looking websites, whilst helping businesses build their own online presence, to ensure an excellent first impression is had by their clients. Your website is your shop front window, and that first impression really does count.

We believe it’s all about making things less complicated, but also helping you learn how to update your own site.

For example if you want to be able to make some small adjustments, maybe prices on your own website, then we believe that’s something you should be able to do. Without the need to pay extra, and have to wait for someone else to get around to doing this.

We also ensure SEO and Google is all set up correctly so your website really does work for you.

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